Trevor Simper

About the facilitator

Dr Trevor Simper has worked with organisations large and small who focus on supporting effective behavioural changes in their clients. The list is not exhaustive but... social workers, community workers, medics, nurses, teachers, university lecturers, physiotherapists, personal trainers, drugs and alcohol workers and health visitors have all benefited from learning motivational interviewing. 'If I had to try and quantify why the training works so well- it would be that people immediately grasp this approach as good for their own personal lives as well as highly effective for helping their clients.'

Trevor trained in the United States, Scotland and England around psychology, health wellbeing and motivational interviewing over many years and has worked as a researcher and lecturer in several large Universities in the UK and Australia and delivered training workshops for national health services, large pharmaceutical companies, elite sports coaches and sporting organisations and many local government departments. His work on Motivational Interviewing is published in numerous peer-reviewed science articles and his work also builds on from delivering training workshops by coaching professionals one to one in developing their ongoing behaviour change skills back in the workplace.

Trevor has a doctorate in psychology, Masters, and undergraduate science degrees and a postgraduate certificate for teaching; he is the founder of Small Changes Healthcare Pty.

Key Expertise

  • Motivational Intervieiwng
  • Behaviour Change skills
  • Communication 'micro-skills'
  • Counselling for change

Industry Focus

  • Government/non profit
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Pharma
  • Sport
Workshops Duration Public or
Motivational Interviewing – Advanced Skills Multiple Days In-House 20 $6000
Motivational Interviewing – Intermediate Skills Full Day In-House 20 $3000
Motivational Interviewing – Introductory Skills Full Day In-House 20 $3000

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