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Healthy Workplaces From Toxic to Thriving


* This workshop is available as a half-day option.

Some organisations are made heavy by an undercurrent of hostility and fear.

People do not always feel free to share their opinions or ideas and there is a consistent hum of gossip and undermining of each other's abilities and efforts. The words "leadership and management" are not associated with growth and inspiration, but rather these words fill people with fear and push them further away from being involved in the workplace.

In some cases, the feelings of fear felt by employees as well as the toxic environment within the organisation are so apparent that even the customers will make a comment.

This workshop explores the causes and catalysts of toxic or fear-based work culture whilst offering practical ways for an organisation to steer behaviours in a more healthy and positive direction

Workshop Outcomes

  • Drives of culture
  • Leadership at all levels
  • Why toxic cultures are alive and well
  • The real costs of a toxic culture
  • Starting fresh, a blueprint

Topics Covered

  • What is Culture
  • Leadership role in toxic or fear culture
  • Workplace vision, values and behaviours
  • Psychological safety and trust
  • Making the changes
  • Thriving cultures

Who is this workshop for

Employees, managers and leaders who want to change the current workplace behaviours

Handouts/materials provided

Handouts provided to supplement the workshop

What to bring

An open mind, honestly and be open to change


Kylie is what you may call a Culture Nerd, a seasoned professional with many years of hands-on experience building strong teams and cultures in organisations. She is magnetised to a challenge and the opportunity to help people understand more about themselves and their behaviour in the workplace and reach their goals.

She spent much of her management career working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, leading and developing people of all races, ages and education backgrounds. Some of her best results have included developing individuals and teams to higher standards of award-winning performance and preparing teams to meet strategic goals by accelerating both technical and non-technical skills.

Kylie focuses on a larger ecosystem than just team dynamics and being a catalyst for individual performance she also understands how corporate culture enables the achievement of not only the immediate business goals but it also supports innovation and future readiness.

Due to her background in Biological Sciences, Kylie has an acute aptitude for detail, systems and processes as well as a logical approach to business and people, yet, her passion and results are most evident when she combines this way of viewing the workplace with a human-behaviour centred approach to learning, development and organisational change.

Kylie has worked for over a decade in large corporate, high-pressure and diverse environments. Her detail-focused approach to the holistic organisation has meant she spends much of her time identifying barriers to performance and connections and implementing bespoke solutions. Her own experience has also given her a unique perspective on improving both the employee and customer experiences.

Kylie is a certified Employee Engagement Coach she holds a Science Degree as well as numerous certificates related to leadership, organisational behaviour, innovation and emotional intelligence. She is the Owner-Consultant at her own practice, a Board Advisor and a Management Consultant in the area of people and culture. She has worked across numerous industries ranging from the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries to Aged Care, Commodities, Education and Engineering.

Her unique skill is working with emotional intelligence to truly understand people's behaviour in the workplace. She is an evangelist on the topics of emotional intelligence in the workplace and truly believes that innovation and performance follow as a result of having a positive workplace culture.

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