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Customer Experience (CX) Strategy and Design


This workshop is designed to help create hybrid thinkers and disrupters. The goal of developing these hybrid thinking skills is to help participants create amazing user experiences in the field that they currently work in. Tinder disrupted the way people do online dating, Uber disrupted the way that taxi services work and AirBnb changed the way we think about hotels.

In this workshop learn the skills required to identify problems that are ripe for disruption, identify the people who are likely to be empowered by a solution to that problem before finally coming up with creative solutions to those problems and learning tools to prototype your solution to a problem.

We will also cover principles of design both UI and UX with the user at the centre of our design thinking (CX).

Workshop Outcomes

  • Gain insight into the process of strategic thinking
  • Learn tools and resources for prototyping
  • Bridge the gap between brand and digital strategy
  • Learn UX fundamentals
  • Develop tools for human centred design thinking
  • Improve fundamental design skills

Topics Covered

  • The hybrid strategist of the future
  • Digital principles and frameworks
  • Bringing technology into the creative process
  • Adopting Startup principles
  • Understanding the customer experience
  • An intro to human-centred design
  • The role of rapid prototyping
  • The Experience Design (XD) process
  • Delivering your CX strategy
  • Optimising the experience
  • Design principles and the tools of the trade

Who is this workshop for

This workshop is for anyone who would like to develop skills in the areas of design, creative and disruptive thinking, as well those looking to learn skills that compliment their existing skillset allowing them to be more entrepreneurial in their existing field.

This workshop is not for anyone who is happy with the way things are, or who uses the phrase "because that's how we've always done it".

Handouts/materials provided

Slides will be available as well as case studies and working examples that are covered in the workshop.

What to bring

The note taking device of your choice (paper or digital), and a very open and creative mindset.


Chris is a high achieving UX designer and strategist with a wide range of skills. He started his career studying Civil Engineering and has gone on to use his problem solving skills in a more creative way. With extensive experience working in both Perth and Sydney. He has worked on a number of big brand clients that include Kelloggs, The Discovery Channel, Amnesty International, Hyundai and EA Games.

Chris has completed projects for B2B and B2C businesses across a multitude of sectors including game development with EA Games, tech startups like SpacetoCo, retail, land development, sports, local government, charity, not for profit as well as pay TV services and Universities.

Chris currently leads the experience design team at Marketforce (Clemenger BBDO), his team produce a wide array of outputs from animated videos, to web designs and activations.

Chris has picked up a number of awards throughout his career including a Cannes Lion (France) for the Creative Use of Data, Supernova of the Year (Aus), Clio Awards (USA), multiple PADC awards (WA), Ad Stars Awards (Korea) and he finished in the top 5 in the world out of 20,000 contestants at the NASA Space Apps Hackathon in 2016.

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