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Critical Thinking


We live in the age of information and "experts" on everything. The sheer quantity of information, messages and wrestling priorities are overwhelming. With conflicting values and conflicting ideas, teams can end up pulling in opposite directions, individuals procrastinate, employees endlessly defer or delegate decisions, which wastes time and money. How can you feel confident in your own decisions? How can you get clarity on your conclusions? How can you look at things from a different perspective?

The answer lies in critical thinking skills. The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for survival in today’s world. This full day workshop will give you some theory, practical tools and hands-on experience with identifying bias and errors in logic, constructing sound arguments, re-framing problems and techniques for fast and slow decision making.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Awareness of personal biases
  • Strategies for making better decisons
  • Tools to evaluate arguments and information confidently
  • Knowledge to create sharper thinking habits
  • Strategies for logical argument
  • Empathy for others' perspective
  • Approaches to re-frame complex problems

Topics Covered

  • Cognitive biases
  • Fallacies and argument
  • Evaluating information
  • Establishing good thinking habits
  • Thought diversity
  • Decision making
  • Re-framing problems

Who is this workshop for

This workshop is great for anyone who has not previously studied Critical Thinking.

It would be suitable for leaders and their teams at any stage in their career.

Past participants of all ages have found benefit in participating in this workshop.

Handouts/materials provided

All handouts for use during the workshop. A take home pack of information and resources.

What to bring

Bring an open mind, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and a reflective frame of mind. Also pen and notebook and an internet enabled device.


Bethan helps people think clearly, decide confidently and communicate effectively. She is a multi-faceted educator with 15 years international experience, comfortable in online and face to face settings.

If you're thinking critically, you're taking time to reflect, making good decisions for you or your organisation, approaching challenges holistically, finding creative solutions and setting up good systems. Both save time and money, as they reduce procrastination and help you deliver and act in line with your personal, professional and company values.

Bethan’s sessions are interactive, pragmatic and thought-provoking, using research-based strategies for the best outcomes and deliver tangible results. Her clients give consistently great feedback, often praising Bethan’s warm, fun approach and the ability to create an environment in which participants feel comfortable and confident to try new skills.

Bethan has delivered training in corporate, SME, not-for-profit and government settings along with private coaching. A qualified teacher and experienced trainer, she studied at The University of York, Goldsmith's College, University of London and Macquarie University. She taught English and Media in South London and has since worked for many years on UWA's Foundation and Diploma programmes and as a sessional lecturer on Curtin University's SELL (Science and Engineering Language and Literacy) programme.

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