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High Performing Teams


High Performing Teams is a facilitated team building program designed to inspire your team to understand the fundamentals of, and work towards becoming, a true championship team. Using complex problem solving scenarios, your team is pushed to adapt and innovate in real time. We challenge the concept of what a team is in 2020 whilst looking at successful team models globally.

See, feel, do, try, fail, succeed, improve and learn. Welcome to experiential learning.
Learning by doing has never been more relevant. David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model underpins the High Performing Teams Session. Kolb’s methodology involves doing or having an experience (in this case, team based), reviewing and reflecting from the experience before concluding or leaning. The team then implements what they have learned in real time for the next activity, thus improving at a fast pace. This mimics the modern Agile style of project delivery which is outcomes, improvement and customer driven.
This workshops uses gamification with modern methodology allowing for a mix of team building and theory.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Collaboration and planning
  • Trust and communication
  • Continuous Improvement

Topics Covered

  • Teamwork and trust
  • Agile teams
  • Communication
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Teams of the future

Who is this workshop for

Progressive teams who want to have fun whilst adding supporting theory to the learning process. Angus will customise the program for each team pending where priority areas are. This is a great session for newly formed project teams or a great way to compliment your strategy/planning day.

Handouts/materials provided

Tools you can take back to work immediately
Design thinking canvas's and team activities you can use again with your team
Workbook and actions

What to bring

Given we'll be doing a few scenario based exercises, Angus recommends flat shoes (no high heels) and comfortable clothing. This is not a physical session at all!


Angus is a Corporate Team Development expert with over 15 years experience in supporting organisations towards achieving their cultural and team alignment goals.

Angus’s Team Development programmes are delivered through experiential learning, simulations and scenario based methodologies. Subscribing to the notion that seeing, doing and achieving as a team is far more effective than reading and PowerPoint, these workshops are fast paced and outcomes focused.

He has delivered his programs across a wide range of organisations such as Rio Tinto, Westrac, Shell, Chevron, Wesfarmers, ANZ Bank and Western Power.

Angus has held senior management roles in Business Development and Project Management for international Leadership Development and Business Improvement organisations and driven several large scale skill development projects.

Angus’s approach is designed around aligning current team practice with the future of work through methodology such as Agile and Lean whilst making workshops fun and interactive.

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