Real choice is lacking in both access to specialised workshops and true subject matter experts. With Essemy you can choose your expert.

What is Essemy (Subject Matter Expert or SME)?

Essemy is a digital marketplace that provides direct access to subject matter experts and their workshops across a range of professional development disciplines.

At its core, Essemy helps buyers of training remain agile in an ever-changing marketplace, enabling them to "Choose their Expert."  The platform provides a place for facilitators to promote their workshops so they can focus on ‘’Delivering their Passion’’.

The outdated training marketplace needs an overhaul

The most critical element of any face to face learning experience is the facilitators’ ability to transfer knowledge, engage and facilitate outcomes.  Yet, all too often training fails to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses as real choice is lacking in the training marketplace in both access to specialised workshops and true subject matter experts.  

We are challenging the status quo by building a marketplace where the choice is in the hands of the buyer. Essemy provides direct access to booking in-house and public workshops developed and delivered by the experts themselves. 

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Choice of expert and workshop


Online booking and payment system


In-house and public options


Share booking information with others


Prequalified facilitators


SMS booking reminders


User rated experience and reviews


Flexible refunds up to 14 days prior to workshop delivery

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