Shil Shanghavi

About the facilitator

If you are considering working with Shil you should know one thing - he has a stutter.

Despite this, Shil has trained himself to become a professional speaker and developed an intimate understanding of how to harness and control the fear of speaking. Having always viewed his stutter as a weakness, it has actually heightened Shil's senses for all things public speaking, giving him a unique ability to speak with purpose and present with impact. He is the Director of Chatterbox Public Speaking and coaches and trains others to improve their skills.

Shil can show you and your team how to become confident presenters, giving you to the tools manage your anxieties and discover innate hidden strengths so you can master your public speaking style.

His training methods are based on years of intuition, driven out of his own fear of speaking. He shows businesses and individuals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of presenting and speaking with impact to engage and influence audiences.

Shil is Board Member for Guerrilla Establishment, a presentation mentor for Impact100 WA and a speaker coach for TEDxPerth. He has coached and presented across most industries in Australia and Internationally.

Key Expertise

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking skills
  • Speaking on camera
  • Keynote speaking
  • Work presentations
  • Speaker Coaching

Industry Focus

  • Shil has worked across most industries, coaching and training various levels of experience in Australia and Internationally.
Workshops Duration Public or
The Art of Networking Half Day In-House 15 $3000
Confident Public Speaking Half Day In-House 12 $3000
Presentation Skills Short Course – Lunch and Learn Short Workshop In-House 12 $1500
Become an Outstanding Presenter Half Day In-House 12 $3000

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