Paula Smith

About the facilitator

Paula is a professional keynote speaker (CSP), master trainer and business leadership/executive coach. She is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and innovative training solutions for her clients and workshop participants. Paula is a leading expert in business presenting with over 30 years experience in her field and a trusted advisor for many of Australia's largest companies. Paula works with business leaders, teams and facilitators in the art, science and practice of powerful presenting and high-level communication.

Paula is a true subject matter expert in her field, having developed the first Presentation Skills Diploma Qualification in Australia and more currently the only qualification in Neuropresenting ®. Paula also holds numerous tertiary qualifications in adult learning, business and leadership. Her master's research was in leadership communication in particular the power of stories for influence. Paula is also the developer of REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship model and practitioner network.

Paula can deliver her workshops and master classes face to face or she is an experienced and engaging virtual presenter and trainer. Paula also runs the on-line Presentation Academy which hosts her online high-quality courses.

She is an accomplished author of the books Speaking in the Shower, Powerful Presentation Principles and Sell Your Story and holds the Certified Speaking Professional accreditation through the National Speakers Association. Only a small number of professional speakers hold the CSP designation globally. This means that the speaker brings a proven track record of continued professional speaking experience and expertise at the highest level. Paula is also the lead speaker coach for a number of TEDx cohorts.

Although Paula specialises in all things presenting and high-level communication, she also enjoys speaking and training in Leadership and Human Behaviour and is best described as dynamic, inspiring, passionate and commercially savvy.

She brings her rich life experience, presenting skill and infectious personality to the platform or training room every time. Paula’s key driver is seeing the results and growth in her clients, knowing that they have the skills and knowledge to have a real impact on the people and organisations they work with.

Key Expertise

  • Powerful Presenting
  • High-level communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive Presence
  • Train the Trainer
  • Keynote Speaker and MC
  • REL8 Human Behaviour and Relationship System

Industry Focus

  • Paula works across industries and at every level within the organization
  • Paula enjoys working with senior executives
  • Paula works with teams
Workshops Duration Public or
Present with IMPACT Full Day In-House 12 $5000
Present on Purpose – Neuropresenting ® Certification Multiple Days In-House 12 $18000
Meaningful meetings – Meeting madness or meeting magic Full Day In-House 20 $5000
Exceptional Presenter Multiple Days In-House 12 $8000
Lead on Purpose – Women’s leadership development immersion Multiple Days In-House 16 $18000
Communicate with IMPACT – For better workplace relationships Full Day In-House 16 $5000
Executive Presence Full Day In-House 16 $5000
The Leadership Conversation Full Day In-House 16 $5000
Storytelling for Leaders Full Day In-House 12 $5000

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