Olivia O'Connor

About the facilitator

Olivia has dedicated her time to helping organisations find simple solutions to complex problems. By facilitating design thinking workshops Olivia helps you harness your biggest asset, your people.

Whether the focus is cultural improvement, driving innovation or developing a strategic plan Liv uses the design thinking framework and applies it to the challenges you face.

"I spent a large part of my career feeling as though my ideas didn't matter and that I couldn't effect change. Then I experienced my first design thinking workshop in a progressive organisation, and I was hooked. I became a passionate advocate of design thinking and using it to create strategies for businesses using the skills and talents of their teams."

Olivia has facilitated and delivered strategies for various organisations such as Ability Centre, HelpingMinds, Youth Focus, Kennerly's Accounting and Finance, Health Consumers Council, Absolute Balance Exercise Physiology Group and Wireline Services Group. Her experience spans non for profit, health, finance, tech and resources and FMCG.

She doesn't just teach, coach and mentor teams on the theory of design thinking but she applies it within businesses to help them uncover new solutions to old problems.

Olivia tailors her sessions to the individual organisation. “In order to embed design thinking into your organisation let your team experience design thinking by applying it. Let them learn the process by being guided through it. Your team will gain confidence and you will gain solutions to your business challenges.”

A study into the effectiveness of design thinking stated that organisations that use the design thinking outperform other businesses by 219% (S&P Index). Don't be left behind.

Key Expertise

  • Design Thinking
  • Strategic Plans
  • Cultural Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Service Design
  • Market Research

Industry Focus

  • Not-for-profit
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Resources
  • For Purpose
Workshops Duration Public or
Improving Your Customer’s Experience Full Day In-House 8 $3300
Growth Mindset – The first step to creating an innovative culture Short Workshop In-House 12 $1650
Introduction to Design Thinking Short Workshop In-House 12 $1650

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