Maria Doyle

About the facilitator

Maria Doyle helps organisations, professionals and industry leaders systemise, optimise and digitalise their expertise into content appropriate for group learning like online courses, presentations and workshops. She helps them create quality learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate the learners they're intended for; thereby achieving the aims and objectives the learning materials are designed for.

These learning experiences can include induction processes, in-house productivity training, career pathway and succession planning materials. If there's knowledge in your organisation that needs to be extracted, systemised and optimised for face to face or online delivery, Maria can help you create a plan to make that happen efficiently and effectively.

Until April 2012, she was working as the Senior ESL Education Manager on the AusAID funded TVET Sector Strengthening Project in Kiribati; a project that took vocational education and training, and long overdue teacher training, to a remote Pacific country.

Since 2012 she has been working with a variety of corporate, government and private organisations, designing, developing and evaluating learning materials and education packages.

Most recently, she has been working in the capacity of Online Learning Specialist, for the DFAT funded ‘School Leaders Learning and Development Program’ managed by Sustainable Skills, based in Suva, Fiji.

Nothing lights her up more than teaching, learning, travelling and helping others be better at what they do. 

Key Expertise

  • Learning Product Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Resources Development and Project Management
  • Facilitator Training and Coaching
  • Digital Training Delivery
  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Best Practice Teaching and Learning
  • Knowledge Systemisation

Industry Focus

  • Professionals in Small Businesses
  • Not for Profits
  • Corporate Organisations
  • Aid and Development

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