Lisanne Iriks

About the facilitator

Lisanne is a qualified mediator who specialises in workplace mediation and family mediation.

Lisanne has a decade of experience in Dispute Resolution and Mediation, and has assisted hundreds of clients through the mediation process. Most recently she was a finalist at the 2019 Australian Law Awards, nominated for Australian Mediator of the year. One of Lisanne's drivers is to build capacity in people to be able to resolve conflict within their company themselves so they do not need to keep bringing in external consultants to help them resolve conflict and make sure that there is early intervention so that the conflict does not escalate.

She has coached and developed students of law, lawyers, HR Consultants, accountants and other professionals to become competent in mediation skills and techniques, and also trains people to become accredited mediators in Australia.

She provides executive coaching and group coaching in leadership, mediation and negotiation skills at government departments and for corporate clients, and also holds lecturing positions at Murdoch University and the College of Law.

She is known for her patient and constructive approach, providing a safe and respectful space for each client and their unique set of circumstances. Her style is open, down to earth, accessible, transformational and she believes that the key to successful mediation is about empowerment. She works on developing her clients skills base so that they can take responsibility for resolving conflict and avoiding ongoing issues; helping themselves forward themselves with the peace of mind that they are creating workable, sustainable, future proof solutions.

“There is a lot of unnecessary suffering when it comes to conflict resolution and my mission is to reduce that; why suffer when you can learn the skills to negotiate any situation so that all parties come out on top? I am passionate about empowering people to achieve results they never thought were possible”

Key Expertise

  • conflict resolution
  • mediation
  • facilitation
  • communication
  • negotiation

Industry Focus

  • mediation
  • conflict resolution
  • negotiation
Workshops Duration Public or
Positive Communication and Behaviours in the Workplace Full Day In-House 20 $2900
How to have Difficult Conversations Half Day In-House 15 $1600
Negotiation Skills and Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace Full Day In-House 20 $2900
Mediation skills for professionals Multiple Days In-House 15 $5800
Conflict Resolution Fundamentals Full Day In-House 25 $2800

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