Kylie de Klerk

About the facilitator

Kylie is what you may call a Culture Nerd, a seasoned professional with many years managing and building motivated and successful teams. She is magnetised to a challenge and the opportunity to help people understand more about themselves, their colleagues and achieving the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Kylie focuses on a larger ecosystem in the organisation. From diversity management strategies to team dynamics she understands how corporate culture and policies enable the achievement of not only the immediate business goals but it also supports the creation and sharing of organisational knowledge, problem-solving and performance to achieve award-winning results for both individuals and teams.

Kylie has an acute aptitude for detail, systems and processes as well as a logical approach to business outcomes and individual inclusion, yet, her passion and results are most evident when she combines this practical approach with a human-behaviour centred method to engaging learning, culture change and team-building.

Kylie has worked for over a decade in and alongside corporate, high-pressure and diverse environments. Her own experience has also given her a unique perspective on improving both the employee and customer experiences.

Kylie is a certified Employee Engagement Coach she holds a Science Degree, is presently a Higher Degree Researcher, as well as holds numerous certificates related to leadership, organisational behaviour, innovation and emotional intelligence. She is the Director-Consultant at her own practice, a Board Advisor and a Management Consultant in the area of organisational culture and diversity management. She has worked across numerous industries inclding the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries, Aged Care, Commodities, Education and Engineering.

Her unique skill is working with individual and organisational knowledge, communication, diversity and inclusion strategies to truly optimise the workplace results in a fun and interactive way. She truly believes that sustained loyalty, performance and problem-solving are possible as a result of having a strong and engaging workplace culture.

Key Expertise

  • Diversity management
  • Organisational culture
  • Team development and team morale
  • Employee Engagement
  • Learning and Development
  • Advisory and Consulting

Industry Focus

  • Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical
  • Aged Care and Support Services
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Multi-National Organisations
  • Sales-focused and sales-facing teams
  • Culturally diverse organisations
Workshops Duration Public or
The Power of Shared Knowledge Full Day In-House 10 $3850
Healthy Workplaces From Toxic to Thriving Cultures Full Day In-House 20 $3850
Crucial Conversations for Performance Full Day In-House 15 $3850
Improve Teamwork and Communication Full Day In-House 15 $3850
Cultures for Innovation Full Day In-House 20 $3850
Introduction to Corporate Culture Full Day In-House 25 $3850
Culture Helix- Dissect, Understand and Rebuild Multiple Days In-House 20 $6000
Teamwork Toolkit Multiple Days In-House 20 $7000

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