Henry Atturo

About the facilitator

Henry is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of business experience in corporate and private sectors, both in Australia and abroad.

As General Manager Kmart New Zealand, Henry was responsible for the strategic integration of the NZ operation into Kmart Australia, including IT, Merchandise, Purchasing, Logistics, Loss Prevention and HR, creating a significant uplift in EBITDA & futureproofing the NZ business.

Following a successful 23 year corporate career in Coles Myer Henry was responsible for growing a WA household name retail chain from 12 to 60 stores, strategically positioning the brand as value priced destination. Establishing a culture that focused on employee development, outcome focused teams driving efficiencies and succession planning, the organisation boasted unprecedented staff retention levels.

Henry has built and led many cross functional teams and will work with you to identify opportunities and gaps in all areas of your business, developing strategy, plans, processes & workshops to ensure teams & individual employee is aligned to achieve the business goals.

Henry’s workshops are practical, pragmatic & outcomes based. The key is having very clear focus on expectations and objectives so that each team member walks away with a clear understanding of what is expected and what needs to be achieved.

As one of the most experienced business heads in retail expansion & having worked across the corporate and private sector in all functional areas, Henry’s breadth & width of hands on experience & knowledge is an enviable commodity. Since 2000 Henry has been providing bespoke workshops, mentoring and personal coaching to teams and executives at all levels.

Key Expertise

  • Executive coaching
  • Bespoke workshop design & delivery
  • Budgeting process
  • Performance management
  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Effective meetings
  • Managing costs
  • Process management
  • Operations management

Industry Focus

  • Retail sector
  • Professionals in small to medium businesses
  • Corporate Organisations
  • Teams in businesses across all sectors
  • Not for profit organisations
Workshops Duration Public or
Understanding the P&L sheet Half Day In-House 8 $2000
Managing Team Performance Full Day In-House 15 $3000
Stepping up for New Leaders Multiple Days In-House 12 $6000

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