Caroline Crosbie

About the facilitator

Caroline beats to the unpredictable rhythm of change! Tapping into wellness and inspiring people to stay AIRBORNE when the headwinds of work and the world get tough, sets her true north course.

Psychologist and wellness specialist, for over 20 years she’s been working with individuals and teams in the wellness realm, using energy techniques and a toolbox of stress reduction strategies to help build better mental health, resilience and peak performance. One of her speciality areas, that is gaining more traction and understanding linked to work performance, is sleep.

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist in Ireland, and with additional qualifications in Counselling, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling and more, Caroline has worked extensively both nationally and internationally with leaders and teams, inspiring and coaching them to achieve high level wellness.

Key Expertise

  • The Power of Sleep
  • Resilience
  • Peak Performance

Industry Focus

  • Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Government & Private Enterprise
Workshops Duration Public or
Making Sleep your Business Full Day In-House 20 $4550

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